Lattice Back Tee

I love this super airy design, especially for the last few weeks of summer. This reverse crop-top is great to wear to outdoor concerts and street festivals (as I did just yesterday!) The great thing about this design is that it looks great alone, or layered over a contrasting colored tank, and can add interest to any tee.

A few tips before you begin: If you start with a t-shirt that is exactly the length of your desired result, your finished product will be too short. The lattice detail is made out of strips of the existing tee back, and will not reach the original hem length once they are tied together. If you want to make a crop top, then start with your normal size of tee. If you would like to make a full-length lattice shirt, start with a tee that is longer than you would normally wear and then cut the bottom to the desired length once the latticework has been completed.

For instructions and step-by-step images, visit

Happy Crafting!


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