LBTee Dress

I stumbled upon this dress design by accident several weeks ago. I was using an extra large black tee that I found at home to make a hardcore cutout tunic, but I stopped just after I had cut out the sleeves. I decided to belt the unfinished tee, and voila! It was the perfect, simple, little black tee dress. I ended up wearing it on the first day of school with a coral blazer and spiked loafers, and found that it is the perfect template for accessorizing!

To Do: You will need an extra large or XXL black t-shirt, fabric marking pencils, a ruler and scissors. Follow my drawings from the top down. First, on the front of the shirt, mark a line from under the arm to the collar, 2 inches down from the top shoulder seam. On the back of the shirt, mark a similar line, except mark 1 inch away from the top shoulder seam. Cut out along your lines, and make sure to keep the collar in tact! The third illustrated step is optional: If you try on your shirt and notice a lot of excess material, you can easily turn your shirt inside out and put it on, pin the fabric along the side seams, and take in some of the fullness that way. Personally, I left my shirt seamless, which does result in very low armholes that may require a bandeau or tube top underneath, but the skirt remains a bit fuller when belted than if the dress is taken in.

For accessorizing ideas and variations, go to:


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