Not Your Average Shoe Shine

I adapted this idea from my friend Mattia Douglass, who once transformed a pair of old flats into multicolored, glitter-encrusted awesomeness with Mod Podge and glitter alone. Her creations looked amazing, didn’t crack or warp, and took ten minutes to finish. Intrigued, I tested her design on a pair of faux-leather booties from several seasons ago. Not only was the project a success, but I had found a great way to recycle a pair of out-of-style shoes. Interested in revamping your old kicks? If so, here’s what you’ll need:

1) A pair of faux-leather shoes, or shoes made of some other material that is stiff and has a smooth surface
2) Glossy finish Mod Podge
3) An old paintbrush
4) Glitter (note: different textures of glitter will produce different results- see the link at the bottom to decide which texture is best for your design)
5) A dish to mix your Mod Podge and glitter in (I’d recommend something with a lid, in case you have leftover mix, or want to apply more coats later)

Mix several spoonfulls of Mod Podge with about one spoonful of glitter in your dish. This may seem like a small amount, but a little mix truly goes a long way. Once you’ve mixed in the glitter, paint away! It takes about 10 minutes for the layer of glitter mix to dry. After that, you can decide to leave your shoes with one coat (which produces a dusted, shimmery effect), or heap on the layers and go for solid shine!

For project photos and variations, visit


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