Recycled Fashion Gets Real: Goodwill Glam

If you think that Goodwill doesn’t live up to the fashion standards of your favorite store at the mall, think again. I’ve found everything from great jeans to boots and sweaters at Goodwill, and just recently found out that this spectrum could include evening wear as well! I found my dress, a oxblood red satin shift from BCBG, for only FIVE DOLLARS. No, you have not suddenly lost your ability to read. It’s true! At five dollars, I not only recycled a beautiful dress, but also had enough money left over to buy some unique jewelry at Boris and Natasha, which does not sell recycled clothing, but has an awesome variety of locally crafted jewels and accessories that I adore. I styled the dress with the jewelry and black tights with black suede ankle boots for my school’s homecoming dance, and received more compliments than I had in years past. It was an enormous success, both in aesthetics and in how it reflected the environmentally friendly message of Ecouturier.

It is indeed possible to find beautiful, gently used and fashion-forward clothing that is both affordable and good to the environment. In fact, it makes a lot of sense to buy special occasion clothes at consignment stores because many of the frocks we buy for fetes are only worn once, and often cost a lot of money. Recycled clothes have already been worn once or more, and cost far less, which is both environmentally and financially friendly!

I know that a lot of you who read my blog may not have the time to make all of the projects that I post, so, if you want to be good to the environment in another way, shopping at Goodwill is a super-simple way to do so, and to look fabulous too!


One thought on “Recycled Fashion Gets Real: Goodwill Glam

  1. Love the post!
    It is so true, shopping at consignment or thrift shops can pay off! I got a BCBG purse for $9 once. Awesome deal, and great for the earth! Great for animals too–it looks just like real leather, but it isn’t. And for a used purse, it is in great condition! I love how this post showed that shopping at 2nd-hand stores can help you find great deals. 🙂

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