Pop Collars

A trend that I have recently seen in Charlotte, St. Louis and the pages of Teen Vogue is collars. Everywhere. From basic black and white to studded to neon, the classic button-down shirt collar is getting its own time to shine. The most wonderful thing about these collars, however, is that they are in abundance, and just ready to become our newest accessories for fall and winter. Just look in your dad’s, brother’s or boyfriend’s closet, and you’re bound to find unused button downs that went out of style long ago… but not for us! With unlimited treatments, appliques and embellishments, any collar could become your next major accessory.

1) A button down shirt to take a collar from (The rest of your shirt can go toward the Button-Down Shirt Skirt project I posted several weeks ago!)
2) Scissors
3) Fray check
4) Anything you could possibly imagine to deck out your collar with: sequins, beads, buttons, trims, studs, chains, ALL OF IT.

All you need to do is cut your collar off, finish the raw edge with fray check, embellish and go!
*Keep in mind, the best collars are those that fit your neck fairly well. larger ones may not sit correctly!

For embellishment ideas and reference pictures, visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/86405222@N02/sets/72157631948154205/
(More pictures are coming, keep checking for updates!)


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