Fab Fauxs: DIY Coated Denim

I’m absolutely, totally, utterly obsessed with coated denim. Whoever invented this treatment is a genius, to create a luxe leather effect without the discomfort, and without harming animals in the process. Unfortunately, because coated denim is taking off right now, I can’t find any pairs in consignment stores just yet. So, I decided to look up what this treatment was, and make a pair of coated jeans myself. Though I did not find the exact treatments brands such as Joe’s and True Religion are using, I stumbled across this wonderfully well-done video for creating coated denim from basic art store materials.* From the video, I made my own coated pants, but tweaked a few things to get the desired effect:

1) Use about 45% soft gel gloss in your mixture. This will make your pants shinier, and will help your paint spread better.
2) You may need to use more than one coat of paint, so don’t be discouraged if one coat doesn’t look like you imagined.
3) For total coverage, use a kitchen sponge to apply paint to your pants instead of foam brushes, which break easily.
Otherwise, just follow the instructions in the video below!

*For a delightfully easy tutorial for making coated denim, visit http://www.fabsugar.com/DIY-How-Make-Coated-Denim-22898678

For my finished product pictures, visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/86405222@N02/sets/72157632110342614/


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