Hot Dots

Picture 6I am always amazed how fashion editors can create such amazing looks with mixed prints. The art of mixing prints, however, does not come naturally to most of us. Thankfully, the polka-dot, the simple, delightful, classic print, is a wonderful match with louder patterns. (I did not include a print in my illustration so that you can experiment on your own!) This week’s project is a very easy way to add variety to your existing wardrobe with help from the tried-and-true polka dot.
Though featured here as a knee-length denim skirt, this technique can be used on a variety of garments of denim-weight material. Similar to the faux leather coating that I posted several weeks ago, the medium of choice for this recycling project is acrylic paint! The wonderful thing about acrylic is that it dries very quickly and comes in endless colors, so the number of pieces you could transform with this super-simple technique are nearly endless.

Happy Crafting!



One thought on “Hot Dots

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