Pop Collars II: Bedazzled

Picture 12When I say bedazzled, I’m not kidding. I got a Bedazzler several years ago for Christmas, a little skeptical of its abilities, not knowing what a pivotal part it would play in my future fashion career. I find it very useful, and I have revamped a number of garments with it. Mock me if you will, but my Bedazzler is responsible for this week’s tricked out Pop Collar project, which was recently featured in the Charlotte Observer! This design is essentially a combination of the original Pop Collars project and Not Your Average Shoe Shine, with a few variations:

1) Start off like the original Pop Collar: find a collared shirt, cut off the collar, and put Fray Check on the raw edge of the collar.
2)Instead of using Modge Podge, use two parts Soft Gel Gloss to mix with one part superfine glitter (both of which you can find at Michael’s) and paint on your collar to create a shimmery yet flexible base coat for your collar. Wait until the coat is dry before studding.
3) Use a ruler to mark where you would like to place your studs. It is hard to accurately place studs without a marker of some sort, as I have found through experience… Once you have marked your collar, stud away! Don’t feel limited to a Bedazzler by any means. If you want to buy your own studs and the tools to put them in, feel free! Unfortunately, I do not yet have the expertise to do so. It’s on my fashion To Do list!

For finished project pics, visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/86405222@N02/sets/72157632589965494/


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