Clear Conscience Leather Cuff

SKMBT_C65213031204410This week’s project is inspired by my new favorite fabric store- Modern Fabrics in Charlotte’s South End. Though it sells fabric primarily for upholstery and draperies, I decided to visit after I learned about their mission. All of the fabric in their store is rescued from textile factory floors, and would otherwise be discarded. Their products are high-quality and totally usable, but the dimensions of some fabrics would qualify as waste to some of the large companies they do business with. In a nutshell, their entire inventory is recycled! With the growing popularity of repurposing old furniture, it makes perfect sense to have a recycled fabric store to aid in the eco-home improvement process!
As I wandered through the store, I found a large bin filled to the brim with leather scraps, advertised at only several dollars per pound. Though some of you readers may be opposed to using leather (and I absolutely respect you if you are), I thought that using this otherwise waste material as a functional accessory justified my use of animal hide. Modern Fabrics luckily found just as much value in these remnants as I did, selling the scraps instead of wasting these irregular yet usable bits and pieces.

So, in honor of their scrap saving, I designed a cuff bracelet from a single piece of leather from their bin! All you need is a scrap at least 2″ by 14″, a rotary cutter, a ruler, a silver sharpie and a really good eraser!

For instructions see:
To check out Modern Fabrics, visit:


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