All That Glitters

Picture 6-1This week’s project is more of an inspiration than instructions, because there are infinite possibilities when it comes to bling! I was inspired by Elizabeth and James’ updated tees and my lovely friend Caroline’s bejeweled sweater to devote a post to the many ways sparkle can transform a look. From sequins, studs, beads and rhinestones, any drab garment can be brought back to life with some strategically placed sparkle.

My personal experiment with glitz was actually made from two recycled pieces- a plain grey t-shirt and a rhinestone choker once worn by my great aunt. I had never worn the necklace before, so I thought this project would provide the perfect opportunity to use it! I disconnected the individual rhinestones and sewed them onto the tee, after much indecision about where to place them, but ultimately succeeded in transforming both the necklace and the tee!

I hope this inspires you to put your costume jewelry to good use, and to look at your own closet differently. Any unwearable piece can be made wearable with a few alterations!

For pictures of my tee, before and after, visit


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