Pretty Peplum Top

Picture 17Though I can’t tell if it’s because a sleeveless peplum top makes me yearn for summertime, or because I am obsessed with overly cutesy things, this project is one of my favorite transformations to date. I began with a retro sleeveless dress with a knee-length tulle edged hemline, and, after some seam ripping and restitching, transformed the drop-waisted darling into a positively adorable peplum top, just in time for the (finally!) warmer temperatures.

Though the dress you choose to transform might not have the same construction as the one I used, hopefully my instructions will give you some ideas for how to tweak your dress regardless of form!

1) Dress with a full(er) skirt
2) Scissors
3) Seam ripper
4) Pins
5) Sewing Machine!

For before and after pictures of my dress and instructions for how to transform your own, click here!


One thought on “Pretty Peplum Top

  1. This is absolutely adorable! I am myself someone who tries to re-use and recycle wherever i can! I love your blog and am seriously super excited about future posts of yours! This will be my next project and i’ll try to post about my experience (hopefully with pictures)!

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