Post-Consumer Prom

Image001 In a sea of monochromatic column gowns, how does one stand out at prom? By wearing vintage, of course!

Inspired by The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey, my prom ensemble consisted of my grandmother’s silver beaded evening bag from the 1950s, vintage clip-on earrings and bracelet from Varnadore Costumes (ah, the perks of being an employee!), and a below-the knee beauty of a dress in white and silver beads from Bygone’s Vintage in Richmond, Virginia. My darling date, Davis, sported a rented tux with tails to complete the Gatsby theme, looking dapper while staying economically and environmentally savvy.

Why buy an on-trend gown if every girl at prom will be wearing the same thing? Why invest in a style that won’t last for several seasons? My advice is to invest in the tried and true designs from decades past, and purchase pieces as unique as they are eco-friendly!

If you care to explore Bygone’s, visit
And for my own prom pictures, visit


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