Charlotte’s Secondhand Shopping Guide

Happy belated Earth Day! In honor of our glorious earth, I compiled a list of my favorite resale stores in Charlotte to spread fashion and environmental consciousness to all! I promise, if you visit some of these places, you will realize that you don’t have to surrender your sense of style in order to shop sustainably.


Summerbird Consignment: The closets of the sophisticated 20-30 somethings from Dilworth and Myers Park have been opened to the public! Though some pieces may be a little pricey, they have a great sale section that changes out pretty quickly. I found  a pair of $10 black jeggings with zippers there, as well as my favorite putty colored Rebecca Taylor sweater.

Plaza Midwood:

Buffalo Exchange: Imagine the most harmonious combination of Urban Outfitters and Madewell, and you have Buffalo Exchange. With equal parts edgy street style (see employees, they always look phenomenal) and Southpark sportswear, it’s my go to for nearly every event. I’ve found multiple homecoming dresses here, as well as jeans and sweet accessories.

Hong Kong Vintage– THE place for authentic vintage. The selection includes pieces from every decade of the last century, and every piece is incredibly well preserved. My favorite pieces from Hong Kong include a floral 50s housewife dress and a slouchy men’s plaid button down. Yes, there is a men’s section, so bring your guy friends!

Junior League Wearhouse– though the window displays may be aimed at an older audience, don’t be fooled! I’ve found plenty of sweet dresses, Citizens jeans and youthful blouses here. Also, all proceeds go toward the Junior League’s initiative to promote women’s involvement in service and to help children in need in the Charlotte area.

Frock Shop– set up in a beautiful old home, this delightfully well-organized store offers a wide variety of secondhand clothes from the early 1900s to the present. Some of my favorite finds include a snuggly grey cashmere sweater and vintage Kate Spade pumps!


The Rat’s Nest– the perfect place for vintage Levi’s cutoffs, fringed biker jackets and cowboy boots for all! Complete with a functional Pong game and an extremely conspicuous rat painted on the front of the building, this place is equally fun to shop and hang out in.


Ballantyne Goodwill: As mentioned in a previous post, I found my chic red BCBG sheath here, and it was a total success at homecoming! I have also found eclectic sweaters, grandpa-esque moccasins and a plaid schoolgirl skirt!


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