Mixed Media Sandals

doc20130611163424While browsing the Zara website for inspiration, I came across several great pairs of flat sandals with interesting shapes and straps in divine combinations of colors and textures. All of them seemed so effortless, adding a pop of interest to any breezy summer jumpsuit or a simple t-shirt and shorts. Upon looking at the shoes close up, I discovered that many of the straps resembled hemp and cord friendship bracelets I’d made at summer camp years ago. I rounded up all the bracelets I could find, plus some mismatched trims, old flimsy headbands and of course, my trusty bedazzler, and got to work! The end result was a pair of eclectic, versatile sandals that recycled both shoes and old accessories! So, if you too have a stash of old camp bracelets, this project is certainly for you!

Fabric glue, needle and thread, etc. Something to hold your straps and trims on!
Bracelets, trims, ribbons: whatever could become a strap!
Click my illustration for instructions and photos!

Happy Crafting!

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