Alteration Nation (and Other Fixer-Uppers)

doc20130723111839So, you’ve got a problem. There are clothes in your closet that you love, however, they have some issues. They’re too tight, too loose, too long, too revealing and take up far too much space in your already limited closet, especially when you can’t even wear them. You know you need to get rid of them, but you’re attached to the beautiful prints and little details that attracted you in the first place. What is there to do?
The answer is very simple: Don’t hoard your unwearable clothes, don’t get rid of them, remake them! There are plenty of quick fixes only involving scissors and a needle and thread (thus this week’s illustration) that can transform your problem pieces into wearable garments once more! If you click on my illustration, you can view my own super simple transformations of a maxi dress into a crop top and skirt, a frumpy skirt into a fierce mini and a plunging top into a more wearable piece. Check it out, there are probably plenty of pieces in your closet you can continue wearing with a few simple alterations!

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