Hi! My name is Alexis Giger, and this blog is my way of promoting an environmentally friendly and fashionable lifestyle. I have been “new” clothing free- that is, only wearing clothes that I have made, recycled, or purchased at secondhand stores since mid-July of 2012. I hope to prove that you don’t have to give up your own fabulous personal style to live sustainably. In fact, there are endless minute changes that you can make in your shopping agendas which help the environment in much greater ways than you might expect. I’m here to provide the inspiration for these minute changes- whether it be the location where you shop, what items you save from your closet to recycle or how to revamp last season’s pieces. I want to inspire those who are simply looking for a DIY project or a unique garment that nobody will have, not only those who are looking to living more environmentally friendly lives. Regardless of your motives for exploring my site, I hope to spread eco-friendly tips and instructions to the community around me and beyond.

My inspiration comes from the world around me- the clothes that people in my community are wearing and what’s trending in fashion magazines, as well as zany haute couture, abstract art, and my desire to never, ever be caught wearing the same outfit as someone else. I am also inspired by a culture that is increasingly obsessed with ready-to-wear, cheaply made and inexpensive clothing. The amount of resources that go into getting fresh trends from the runway to stores at the mall is insane- try 760 gallons of water for one t-shirt, not to mention the gas used for shipping and other manufacturing steps. Not only that, but that t-shirt may only be made for 10 uses or less before it is intended to be thrown away. The wastefulness of our fashion industry is pretty repulsive. Therefore, I hope to inspire people one project at a time to dress responsibly, and to rebel against this wasteful consumption.

So, I hope you find some inspiration. I hope you start to make more environmentally conscious decisions. I hope you stay fabulous and creative and true to your own aesthetic. I hope we can make the world a more beautiful place by taking care of our environment, and looking spectacular while we do it.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Alexis! This is an awesome blog. I am definitely going to keep up with you and can’t wait to see what you post! I’m so down with your plan and objective. Very cool. I hope I can make some more of my wardrobe Giger-style! Stay awesome!

  2. You are an inspiration, Alexis. I just recently thought about taking items (specifically pants) to a tailor to update my old wardrobe with some simple alterations and keep up with the fashion trends of 2012. I will keep up with your blog to get some fun ideas! I hope senior year is a blast so far. I miss you and think about you all often : ) Ms. Strassel

  3. enjoyed your feature in Observer. you are very creative. Please add Back Porch Treasures at the Matthews Help Center, a non profit org, to your shopping spots. Located on Ames Street in Matthews. I will look for you.

  4. Alexis,
    I first found out about your blog from my local newspaper, the Charlotte Observer. All I can say is “Wow”. I love your DIY ideas, and how not only are you doing it for fashion but for the earth. I’m really into being “green”/earth-friendly, and this blog has given me many ideas on how to update my wardrobe AND be good to the earth. As much as I wish I could go out and buy more clothes, my mom isn’t quite so into the idea. Well, here is my solution. I do some DIY to my clothes and get “new” clothes while taking care of the earth, while my mom is happy because she doesn’t have to go shopping–win-win! 🙂 I’m planning on telling my friends about this blog because they to have the same complaints as me, though I’m not sure if they have the same good-for-the-earth want. Well, they will be doing good for the earth even if they don’t know it! Thanks for creating a blog to inspire people. 🙂

  5. Hi Alexis! I saw your newspaper article and decided to checkout your website and I love it! I love drawing and making up my own cloths and always wanted to make my own but had no money for fabric. Now I can and I don’t have to spend a lot on fabric! thank you so much! I also have some ideas that you might like, so please email me.

  6. Hi Alexis, I just read the article in the Observer, & I HAD to come & tell you how wonderful I think you & your DYI blog are!! What an amazing young lady you are, & what an exciting future you will have! Best of luck!

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