Slick Slits Tee

My love of t-shirt transformations continues this week in the form of a sunburst/cage motif around the neckline of a slim fitting tee, creating an edgy effect on an otherwise simple shirt. I always have a problem finding a top to match a wilder bottom, like a punchy-print maxi skirt  or studded shorts, because I […]

Lovely Loops Tee

This design is based off of t-shirt artist Adam Saaks, who is most well known for his no-sew t-shirt creations for Ed Hardy. A lot of his technique involves simply cutting slits into fabric, and looping and twisting the material to create edgy cutouts and original shapes. Personally, I am blown away by his t-shirt […]

Lattice Back Tee

I love this super airy design, especially for the last few weeks of summer. This reverse crop-top is great to wear to outdoor concerts and street festivals (as I did just yesterday!) The great thing about this design is that it looks great alone, or layered over a contrasting colored tank, and can add interest […]