Slick Slits Tee

Slit tee illustrationMy love of t-shirt transformations continues this week in the form of a sunburst/cage motif around the neckline of a slim fitting tee, creating an edgy effect on an otherwise simple shirt. I always have a problem finding a top to match a wilder bottom, like a punchy-print maxi skirt  or studded shorts, because I do not want my top to conflict with the bottom, but I don’t want a drab top either. This tee solves the problem, adding interest while remaining versatile and easy to work in to your wardrobe!

Probably one of the quickest projects yet, there is no sewing involved! There is some semi-meticulous measuring and marking, as I explain in my directions, but if you’re a confident crafter, you may be able to eyeball your shirt and reduce the time for this project even further. Here’s what you’ll need:
Slim-fitting tee
Fabric pen/pencil

Click my illustration for instructions, and look through my completed project pictures for variations on the tee design!


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