More Things to be Happy About!

Ecouturier is officially a nationwide phenom! The Charlotte Observer article was just featured in the Kansas City Star newspaper! In the article, I mentioned Washington University in St. Louis, which is probably how it made its way to Missouri. For the full article, go to: Also, last Thursday, I was asked to speak on […]

Zombie Sweater

While browsing the interwebs for inspiration the other day, I stumbled across an utter atrocity. An outrageously expensive, purposefully disheveled and unraveling sweater. I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing this style of sweater lately. Though they may not be as expensive as the sweater I found online, but after creating my own version for […]

Knot Perfect Bracelet

Remember those hemp friendship bracelets everyone had in middle school? Well, it appears the trend has matured as we have. The familiar square knot design was featured in an article in Women’s Wear Daily with diamond encrusted beads and gold and silver details, going for a significant chunk of change. However, after some experimentation, I […]


Today is a big day for Ecouturieracg! The Charlotte Observer featured my blog and I in the Young Achievers section of today’s paper, and I am happier than I could explain. Many of you who visit today will have been directed here by the article, so to you, Welcome! For returning visitors, if you haven’t […]

Hot Dots

I am always amazed how fashion editors can create such amazing looks with mixed prints. The art of mixing prints, however, does not come naturally to most of us. Thankfully, the polka-dot, the simple, delightful, classic print, is a wonderful match with louder patterns. (I did not include a print in my illustration so that […]