More Things to be Happy About!

Ecouturier is officially a nationwide phenom! The Charlotte Observer article was just featured in the Kansas City Star newspaper! In the article, I mentioned Washington University in St. Louis, which is probably how it made its way to Missouri. For the full article, go to: Also, last Thursday, I was asked to speak on […]


Today is a big day for Ecouturieracg! The Charlotte Observer featured my blog and I in the Young Achievers section of today’s paper, and I am happier than I could explain. Many of you who visit today will have been directed here by the article, so to you, Welcome! For returning visitors, if you haven’t […]

Lovely Loops Tee

This design is based off of t-shirt artist Adam Saaks, who is most well known for his no-sew t-shirt creations for Ed Hardy. A lot of his technique involves simply cutting slits into fabric, and looping and twisting the material to create edgy cutouts and original shapes. Personally, I am blown away by his t-shirt […]